New breach notification web forms

Everyone knows knowledge is power, and staying out of the loop could be detrimental if breach web forms need to be submitted. It is, therefore, crucial for data controllers to know of any changes to improve the ease of use of web forms.

New breach notification web forms

The DPC (Data Protection Commission) continuously monitor to ensure that every individual’s data is protected. They studied a revised breach web form that has undergone a few changes after data controllers gave feedback on issues and made proposals. “Cross-border” and “national” personal data breaches are streamlined into a single channel, simplifying the method of notifying for data controllers. It is crucial to eliminate any chance of misunderstandings when breach web forms are submitted – the newly revised web form focuses precisely on that.

Changes introduced to the breach notification web form

An addition of introductory “screening” questions are available to help data controllers determine the necessity of breach notifications. This way, the possibility of breaches is reduced and, web form is used correctly. The DPC or alternative supervisory authority can review their competence for the breach when scanning through the streamlined web form with “national” and “cross-border” information. The new breach web form has also provided increased fields where character limits are present, and this provides the opportunity for data controllers to fill in expansive answers where needed.

The DPC is ready for assistance from any data controller who needs a consult and assists with the revised notification breach web form. Contact the DPC for any guidance on personal data breach notifications. They are the perfect team for the job.

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