Data Protection in the age of remote work

Gina Fanning joined the Netwrix Corporation’s 3rd GDPR anniversary panel discussion.

The 25th of May was the 3rd anniversary of GDPR, and Netwrix hosted a live webinar panel discussion about Data Protection in the Age of Remote Work with Gina Fanning, Managing Director of CompliNet; Jonathan Armstrong, Partner at Crodery and Michael Paye, Chief Technology Officer at Netwrix. The event was announced via their LinkedIn page, and they discussed matters such as the general enforcement of GDPR, as well as Data Protection Impact Assessment’s and what companies should look out for.

We’ve all seen the effects: numerous compliance checklists and audits; the flood of opt-in consent emails; unprecedented international outreach; and giant fines looming over both large corporations and small organizations.

Watch this moderated panel discussion to celebrate data privacy milestones and learn what compliance developments to expect.

Our expert guests discussed:

– How 3 years of GDPR enforcement has already changed how organisations operate.
– How to factor privacy concerns into your cloud strategy.
– How new technology is changing how organisations approach data privacy.
– How the evolving threat landscape will influence compliance regulations.

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