The Basics

We aim to address some of the most common questions about data protection law, cybersecurity, and GDPR culture and behaviors to clarify the basic principles underlying your companies data protection. With our guidance, we will help you explore the different laws which apply in a data protection context and when they apply – as well as the meaning of Cyber Security, Personal Data’ ‘Processing’, Culture, behaviors. You will learn how to identify a ‘data controller’, ‘data processor’, and what both your obligations are.

We aim to explain the requirement for a ‘legal basis to justify the processing of personal data and outline the rights which individual ‘data subjects’ have and how they can exercise them, and how to report a breach. We also set out the basics of the rules around electronic direct marketing and usage of cookies and other similar technologies.

We will provide information about your business obligations under data protection legislation and the General Data Protection Regulation_CyberSecurity, including transparency with service users and how to respond to an individual’s exercising their data protection rights – DSAR and how to deal with a breach.

Know Your Obligations

  • Data Security_CyberSecurity
  • Controller and Processor relations
  • Access & Portability
  • Transparency Requirement
  • Accountability
  • Lawful Processing
  • Data protection by design and by default
  • Breach notifications
  • Data Subject Action Requests (DSAR)
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA)
  • Data Protection Officer (DPO)
  • Training your business in CyberSecurity_GDPR
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